Ortegocactus macdougallii

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Weight:- 1500 g

Monstrose Apple Cactus






Ortegocactus macdougallii is a clumping, slow-growing, cactus that form tiny bushes only few centimeters in size.

This species has a strange and unmistakable lime-green-grey colored epidermis, each stem extends with the years, reaching a diameter of 3 to 4 cm

Tubercles are low, often squashed, rhomboid and arranged in spiral, of 8 to 10 mm of diameter. Central spine is turgid black, or whitish with a black tip 4 to 5 mm in length. And 7 to 8 radial spines of the same colour of 5-10mm of length

Flowers are yellow, funnel-shaped, up to 3 cm long and in diameter. Fruit is reddish, globular, slightly extended and up to 0.5 cm in diameter.


This plant best grows in porous soil, and required good drainage. A sunlight friendly plant, this requires ample of bright light and airflow. Watering is required when the soil becomes dry to touch.

Landscape Uses

This is a beautiful specimen cactus for a large cactus or succulent garden. It can make an interesting plant for a large container and is a nice centerpiece for a warm, sunny courtyard. The plant does have a few spines so care should be taken in its location.