Oxalis (Mix bulbs)

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Weight:- 500 g

Wood Sorrel




Brazil & South Africa


Oxalis is a slow growing flowering perennials. They are grown for their shamrock-shaped foliage and their 5-petaled flowers that are cup- or bowl-shaped and open only in sunshine.

The leaves of the plant can be green or purple but have a three leaf clover look which gives it the common name false shamrock.

Depending on color of leaves, the flowers can be white, yellow, rose colored or pink. The flowers grow on top of bare stems and are quite dainty, and thin, like the leaves. The plant tends to bloom in late spring or early summer.


The plant will grow best if it gets a few hours of sunlight every day. Afternoon shade is ideal. Plants in the shady spot seems to flourish the best. The leaves of oxalis may wilt slightly in the afternoon sun but recover quickly as the cooler temps come later in the day.

Although they can take sunlight, it is not uncommon for the leaves to wither and drop off in the middle of summer. It grows better in the spring months when it is cooler.

Well draining soil that is slightly acidic soil is ideal. (Coffee grounds sprinkled nearby can help with the acidity of the soil.) Using lots of organic matter or compost before you plant the bulbs will be beneficial.

Oxalis likes a moist soil that drains well but does not like to be in a soggy spot. Bulbs will rot easily if the soil is too wet, so be careful of over watering. Don t underwater though, especially in the middle of summer. Fertilize regularly during the growing season with a normal plant food at half strength.

Landscape Use

Oxalis are good for naturalizing, for growing in a rock garden, trough, or raised bed, or as houseplants. Some species are very invasive.