Pilea Spruceana 'Norfolk'

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Weight:- 450 g

Angel Wings




Central and South America


Pilea spruceana 'Norfolk' is sometimes called Angel Wings . The oval puckered leaves are bronzy red and sometimes pinkish with a few little silver markings. This Peruvian native has a low spreading growth habit. Keep it slightly moist and filtered light.


    Pilea are not hard plants to grow. They need bright, indirect light. Do not expose to direct summer sun. The pilea group likes high humidity and has fairly high water requirements. Don't let the soil dry out between waterings in the summer however allow getting slightly dry between watering.

    Pileas grow best in smaller, 4" pots or planters where their roots will be somewhat restricted.They should be planted in a cocopeat based commercial potting mix with leaf mold and perlite .

    Landscape Uses

    This charmer makes a nice small plant on a window sill or grow it in a terrarium to add color.