Plumeria 'Intense Rainbow '

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Weight:- 1500 g

Temple Tree


Central America




Better known as Frangipani, it is a delightful small tree for a garden with a semi-tropical look, usually reaching a height of around 4m, though with great age they seem capable of growing to 8-10m.

The leaves of Plumeria rubra are 10-42 cm long and 4-14 cm wide with the widest point at the center or tip of the leaf blade. In this species the tip of the leaves narrow to a sharp point in contrast to leaves of the other common species, Plumeria obtusa, which has more rounded leaf tips.

Plumeria Intense Rainbow has large beautiful Yellow with dark red edges and dark red center, deep red, yellow, and white markings on starfish petals. 3 1/2" yellow rainbow with red edges, peach fragrance. Vibrant pink edges fading to light pink with an intense gold inner edge. Petals have rounded tips and are moderate overlapping. The texture is heavy. Fragrance is slight sweet peachy and the keeping quality is very good. Vibrant pink edges fading to lighter pink, intense gold inner edge; elliptical petals with rounded tip, moderately overlapped; heavy texture; slight sweet peach scent; keeping quality very good.


Frangipani needs bright light to full sun for at least 5 hours of direct sun each day.

Keep soil evenly moist during summers. Water sparingly in winter, when plant is resting. Yellowing leaves are a sign of over watering.

Moderate humidity is good for the plant. Place the pot on a tray of wet pebbles to raise the humidity around the plant. Misting is also a good idea in summer. With plumeria care should be taken to mist the foliage, not the flowers.

Feed the plant with high-phosphorus fertilizer before summer begins to promote blooming.

Landscape Uses

Plumeria rubra makes a beautiful potted house plant. They grow well in pots, flowering reliably every summer.


Approx 2' - 2.5 '