Prostrata Juniper Bonsai

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Weight:- 1500 g

Juniperus Chinensis Prostrata




North America


Creeping Juniper is low growing prostrate form of Juniper with gray-green foliage. This Juniper is seen with many names, among them Juniperus prostrata and Juniperus horizontalis. Prostrate Juniper can get up to 12 inches in height and will spread as large as you let it.


Place Prostrata juniper outside, year-round, on a bright spot with lots of sunlight. The Juniper cannot live indoors & need a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight each day.. During the winter protect the tree once temperatures drop below -10 degrees C . Low light can result inξ very loose and ropy foliage and the tree may turn yellow.

These trees need to be watered daily in warm weather, and every other day in cool weather. Be careful not to water too much, as the juniper roots don't like soil wetness. Before you water, the soil should dry slightly. Misting the tree can be done regularly, especially after the tree has been repotted because it benefits from air humidity.

Junipers like loose, free draining soil, but they also need a constant flow of nutrients because they are fast growing. In nature they will send out long roots to seek nutrition, but in a bonsai potξ the right combination of drainage and frequent feeding is required.

The typical soil mix is 70% aggregate and 30% organic matter, but one can pot the tree in 100% aggregate and place a lot of organic fertilizer on top of the soil to feed the tree.

You can use organic or inorganic fertilizer. Organic feeds can be fish emulsion, blood meal, bone meal, or rape seed cakes.ξ

Landscape Use

Ornamental landscape plants, Bonsai