Radish Purple Sango Microgreens

Weight:- 50 g

About: Sango Radish microgreens are substantial, crunchy, and taste exactly like radish. Very easy and fast growers. The vibrant purple color is a fantastic way to add vibrancy to any salad, slaw, or sandwich.

Health benefits: Radish Purple sangomicrogreen is naturally diuretic, consisting of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial characteristics, thus detoxifying the body. It is recommended in jaundice treatment. Soothes the digestive system, relieves congestion, good for allergies, infection, and cold.

How to use: The radish microgreen adds a sharp note to the dish as well. The flavor of most microgreens is identical to that of the grown product, and red radishes are no exception. They have a mild, peppery flavor and a surprising amount of crunch. Salads, stir-fries, and your favorite Mexican cuisine.

Simple recipe: https://www.brit.co/microgreen-recipes/