Leatherleaf Fern

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Weight:- 500 g

Rumohra adiantiformis




South Africa


Moderate light; no direct sunlight. It's main enemy is water sitting on the leaves which will quickly melt it. Keep soil evenly moist, but not soggy. Never allow the soil to dry out. Nest fern requires minimum 50% relative humidity. Brown, shrivelled leaves are the result of dry air. Put this humidity-loving plant in a terrarium or mist the foliage every day with room-temperature water to give it the moist air it craves. They are best suited for Terrarium.

Plant ferns in moist soil rich in organic matter.Combine half potting mix with half peat moss. Don't use potting mix that contains fertilizer (it can dissolve too fast and burn delicate fern roots).

Can be grown indoors too! Tolerates salt spray.


Leatherleaf Fern is an excellent easy & low-maintenance fern for relatively small spaces. Holding its deep green color and frond integrity year-round, Leatherleaf Fern can be good ground cover for dappled shade to (coastal) partly sunny areas.

The leathery, triangular evergreen fronds make excellent cut foliage for floral arrangements. .

Growing 2 -4 tall (depending on shadiness,) this plant spreads slowly, which works nicely for small spaces or in a hanging basket. Lovely, dense, lacy-looking triangular leaves are highly valued by flower arrangers, as these durable fronds are long lasting when cut. Spread is relatively slow by stolons that grow in the humus,

Landscape Use

Pedestals or Hanging baskets Terrarium, Container, Groundcover, Hanging Basket, Houseplant