Saffron Honey

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Weight:- 330 g

Type: Monofloral
Flavour: Sweet,
Colour: Light Yellow to Amber
Nectar Source: Crocus sativus / Kashmir Mongra Saffron
Harvesting Season: November to January
Region of Origin: Baramula region (Kashmir)
Pairing:Fresh Goat cheese, drizzled over vanilla icecream and Panna cotta
Our Saffron Honey comes from the Baramula region of Kashmir known for its saffron. It is locally used as a mood enhancer and is said to have visible effect on weight loss.

Given the similarity of its origins, it has a strong aroma of saffron and the taste is mildly sweet with a unique earthy undertone. Its best had with a Kashmiri Kahwa but is heavenly drizzled over a Panna cotta or even plain vanilla icecream.