Sansevieria ehrenbergii 'banana'

Weight:- 500 g

Sansevieria ehrenbergii

Origin: Somalia

Family: Asparagaceae

Description :

Sansevieria ehrenbergii 'Banana' is a dwarf, slow-growing succulent with fat, boat-shaped leaves. It is called "Banana" because of its shape. Leaves are gray-green to blue-green, deeply channeled on the upper surface, and curved like a banana.

Sometimes called blue sansevieria or sword sanseveria, it has long, blade-like leaves.The shape of this plant is unusual, with layers of leaves stacked one upon the next. It makes a beautiful centerpiece of a succulent garden. But don’t forget that it can be grown indoors as well. This air-purifying plant makes for an eye-dazzling houseplant too!”


Height: 20-30 cm tall

Light: Sansevieria thrives in just about any light. Bright light to full sun, will also tolerate low light. It an excellent choice for low light conditions

Water: Allow the top inch (2.5 cm) of soil to dry out between watering during the growing season. In winter, water just enough to prevent the soil from drying out. Over watering will cause root rot. Take care not to water the center of the rosette of leaves because they'll rot easily if kept wet.

Humidity: Mist the leaves several times a week with a spray bottle. Mist your plant more frequently in the summer growing season- the more water you can supply the blooms, the healthier it will be.

Temperature: Sansevieria pinguicula are easy to cultivate, but extremely slow growing and requires warm temperatures to grow.

Soil: A loose, well-drained potting mix. It can easily grow in soil-less medium also.

Fertilizer: Feed a mild cactus fertilizer during the growing season; do not fertilizer in the winter.

Eliminates: Sansevieria species are believed to act as good air purifiers by removing toxins (such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene) from the air. The plant convert CO2 to oxygen at night also.