Santolina chamaecyparissus

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Weight:- 600 g

Lavender cotton






A compact rounded evergreen shrub with woolly young shoots and (when crushed) aromatic, grey or green foliage reminiscent of conifers. Santolina has a mounded, round and dense habit reaching only 2 feet high and wide with vibrant yellow -inch flowers perched on stems above the foliage. The silver foliage makes a nice contrast to other green tones of the garden and persists through the winter.

Santolina herb plants also have a fairly pungent aroma akin to camphor and resin mixed when the foliage is bruised.


An herbaceous perennial suited to hot, dry summer and full sun, Santolina (S. chamaecyperissus) is indigent to areas of sandy, rocky infertile soils but will also do well in garden loam and even clay, provided it is well amended and well-drained.

It is highly salt tolerant; avoid excess fertilization; prune after flowering. Prune Santolina back drastically in the late winter or spring to keep it from splitting or dying out in the center of the plant .


Perfect for a sheltered, sunny, well-drained border or gravel garden. Santolina has a virtual plethora of uses in the home landscape. Growing Santolina can even be trained into a low hedge. Give the plants plenty of room to spread or allow them to take over and create a massed ground cover.