Sedeveria Jet Beads

Weight:- 500 g

Sedeveria Jet Beads


Central America, Mexico and northwestern South America




Sedeveria  Jet Beads is a small, yet beautiful, succulent produced as a hybrid of sedum and echeveria plants. Its diminutive size, reaching only 4 inches (10 cm.) tall at maturity, is perfect for small containers and for summertime outdoor displays in pots. Leaves grow from a single stem, simulating the appearance of beads. When exposed to cooler temperatures, the plant darkens to an almost jet-black color; hence, its name. It  is a distinctive hybrid of Sedum and Echeveria, with dark bronze tinted green foliage surrounding short sprawling stems, up to 4 inches tall. The pointy tipped leaves are arranged along stems like a string of beads and take on a near black tone in cooler weather, giving this plant its cultivar name. It has yellow flowers in the summer months.


Sedeveria  Jet Beads will thrive in conditions that many other plants thrive in, but will do just as well in less hospitable areas. They are ideal for that part of your yard that gets too much sun or too little water to grow anything else. specially in the Echeveria family, this Sedeveria requires periods of warm weather to thrive. Due to their intolerance for cold, gardeners without frost-free growing conditions should move plants indoors during winter; the Jet Beads plant cannot tolerate temperatures below 25 F.

Landscape Uses

It is used as a houseplant and container landscape.