Sedum Pachyphyllum

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Weight:- 400 g

Jelly Beans






It can tolerate sun, shade, moist soils, dry soils, but looks its best only when given adequate light levels and water, and ideally should be grown outdoors in full sun.


Sedum pachyphyllum is a small perennial bush forming or ground-hugging succulent up to 30 cm tall, with light silvery green, jelly, bean-like leaves along short stems. Leaf tips usually turn red in winter when kept dry or in sun. It spreads over time by rooting stems and fallen leaves that easily take root to form a dense ground cover. It may become very straggly with age. Young plants may be quite compact and will flower, when they are quite small. ln summers large sprays of bigger than usual, widely expanding starry blossoms in buttercup yellow, adorn the plant, with petals long and tapered, as are the carpels, stamens and stigma lobes.

Landscape Use
Suitable for Container, Rock Garden & Xeriscaping