Sedum Rubrotinctum Aurora - Pink Jelly Beans

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Weight:- 400 g

Pink Jelly Beans




Central and Western Europe


Sedum Rubrotinctum Aurora 'Pink Jelly Beans' is a ground cover succulent with small bead-like leaves in lovely striking pink jellybean-like leaves fading into pale green or white shades . Famous for its distinct jelly bean-like leaf structure, Sedum rubrotinctum Aurora is a short, spreading succulent which produces yellow-white flowers.


One of the most adaptable succulents of all times, these flourish is normal as well as adverse conditions. For an ideal growth, keep these in full sun and watering needs to be moderate.

These perennial plants enjoy gritty, fast-draining soil. They are really desert plants, so give them sharp drainage.

Landscape Use

Suitable for Container, Rock Garden & Xeriscaping