Senecio Crassissimus

Weight:- 450 g

Vertical Leaf Senecio




Southern Africa


Senecio Crassissimus, colloquially known as Vertical leaf Senecio or Propeller plant is an erect evergreen subshrub up to 24 inches tall and up to 18 inches wide, with thick, purple stems, holding stiff flattened 2 inches long, waxy, silver-grey, obovate leaves, with vivid purple margins, facing outwards. In winter the inflorescence rises from the stem tips up to 2 feet, bearing an open-branched head of bright yellow daisy flowers. Thick erect, stems produce bright yellow daisy-like flowers at the tips in mid-summer to autumn. The large leaves looking as if turned on the edge are the most distinctive feature.

Landscape Use

Suitable for Hanging Container, Rock Garden & Xeriscaping