Sinocrassula Yunnanensis

Weight:- 400 g

Chinese crassula



South China and North Burma


Resembling little hedgehogs, Chinese Jade , is a small perennial, rosette succulent with slender dark-green/purple acuminate leaves covered in short white hairs. It grows about 5-10 cm tall that can eventually develops into dense clumps, whose half- round leaves are flattened on the upper side, end in a sharp tip, and have finely papillous hair. At flowering time the rosette lengthen in a richly branched inflorescence about 10 cm long; the flowers are small and white. These will form clumps of upright, closely packed rosettes of fleshy dark green, almost black, pointed leaves over the years.


Prefers full sun, or partial shade with free-draining soil or compost.

Landscape Use

Perfectly suited for planting in gravel gardens, paved areas, rockeries and small containers. Try mixing with other succulents and alpines.