Sky Blue Cluster Vine

Weight:- 500 g

Jacquemontia Pentanthos




Tropical America


Sky Blue Cluster vine is a fast growing, twining vine, with stems to 6 feet or more in length. The small ultramarine, white throated flowers is the reflection of a clear blue summer sky. Flowers open facing the sun in the early morning and are gone by midday. Like magic the next morning they make another mass appearance. On overcast rainy days the flowers don't open but generally appear in the dry, sunny season in the tropics.


The Jacquemontia pentantha requires partial to full sun; well drained soil; water moderately. It grows well either in a pot or in the ground. Just give it some support and the vine will twine happily over the fence, trellis or other plants.

Landscape Use

Ideal to cover a fence or pergola.