Ceropegia Juncea - Somalata

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Weight:- 750 g

Leafless Goglet Flower




Africa and Asia


Somalata, a divine plant which was used in Somayaga . This is twinning herb with tuberous roots. It looks almost leafless as the leaves are minute, in opposite pairs, very sparsely distributed in the bare stem. Leaves are small, fleshy and lance-shaped. Flowers are borne in few-flowered umbels. Flowers are large, goglet shaped, erect, beautifully variegated with yellow, green and purple. Mouth of the tube is much wider than other parts of the flowers. The united petals are light green in the lower half, dark green in the upper half.

Since time immemorial man has been using herbs to cure common maladies and he virtually adored plants which provided him with vigor, vitality and wisdom. The plant is used by various tribal communities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and different other parts of India.


Suited for a warm and humid climate, this thrives best in a little shades sunlight and responds well to warmth. It requires water when the soil becomes dry to touch specially during growing season and during summers. Watering should be minimal during winters.

Landscape Uses
Cultivated as herb plant