Stapelia Leendertziae

Weight:- 400 g

Maroon Cup Starsh






Stapelia leendertziae is a tufted creeping succulent plant that trail and hang down with long, erect, angular stems. Stems are erect, pale green or reddish and slightly furrowed. Stems are quadrangular, a factor which allows expansion and contraction to compensate without harm for any excess or shortness of fluids inside; hence they may appear flat- or sunken-sided according to the availability of water. This is the "succulence" and a storehouse for nutrients, which are crucial to their survival in harsh, xeric habitats.

Flowers are unique large, bell-shaped and the interiors is deep reddish to dark purple which absorbs light so no detail can be seen; inside the cup is rugose, densely velvety, even short-hairy or more open in a star, dimension about 8cm in diameter and 7 or 8cm long in late summer.


In general they are drought-resistant succulents suited for rockeries, and the small-flowered species are suitable as container Cactus.

They are excellent subjects for a water-wise garden, Provided that they are not over-watered and are given a warm position.

They like a sunny position and will also grow in light, semishade in hot climates. The soil should have good drainage

Landscape Uses

Some large-flowered species make a good show when grown in masses in the garden.