Strawberry Jam

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Weight:- 280 g

Low Sugar, flavourful with no preservatives or colours


Orchard Lane Strawberry Jam is made with semi crushed strawberries, taking great care to cook at a low temperature so the taste and flavour of strawberries may be relished with every spoonful. Together with slow cooking and very little sugar, this lovely spread can add color and flavor to any food!


  • You may love this jam if you enjoy the actual taste of strawberries. Since strawberries are not very sweet on their own and because we do not add much sugar, this jam tastes and feels just right!
  • We do not overcook our jams, because we believe that nutrition is lost during extensive cooking. So our Strawberry Jam is a soft set jam, with just 7 calories per serving of 1 tablespoon. That is a very appealing way to add colour and taste to your breakfast
  • Top this vibrant jam onto a crisp toast or dollop it over vanilla icecream. Home bakers can layer this between a tea cake and it also goes wonderfully wrapped up in a paratha.
  • Contains 80% strawberries by weight and very little sugar.
  • We do not use jaggery as a sugar substitute because it discolours the jam and the enzymes in jaggery can make the jam ferment. So with just 2 grams of added sugar per serving, this jam can be a great way to start your morning.



Ingredients: Strawberries, Sulphur-free cane Sugar, freshly squeezed lemon juice, fruit pectin