Tabebuia Aurea - Caribbean Trumpet

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Weight:- 750 g

Tabebuia Aurea




South America in Suriname, Brazil, eastern Bolivia Peru, Paraguay and northern Argentina.


Tabebuia Aurea is also known as Caribbean Trumpet and it is a medium-sized thorny tree with distinctly orange, corky bark and an irregular crown. The tree is a captivating sight when in bloom, with clusters of bright, orange-scarlet up-facing flower clusters sitting at the end of branchlets like exotic waterlilies. Leaves are compound with three broad leaflets, the middle one the largest. Flowers have 5 petals of unequal length and 10 stamens.


Tabebuia Aurea does not tolerate medium to heavy shade. This species grows well in a wide variety of soils and requires little maintenance.

Landscape Uses

It is used as a drink, medicine and source of materials. It is sometimes grown as a hedge and is often grown as an ornamental and a street tree.