Tecomella Undulata - Roheda

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Weight:- 800 g

Marwar Teak




India and Pakistan


Tecomella Udulata is commonly known as Rohitak and is an ornamental tree. A small tree, growing upto 2-6 mt, with drooping, hairy branches. Leaves simple narrowly oblong obtuse and wavy, 5-12 cm long. In springtime, it produces beautiful showy tubular flowers in yellow, orange and red colors. Fruit is a long, thin, slightly curved capsule up to 20 cm long, with winged seeds


Tecomella Udulata prefers subtropical climate having medium to light soil.It can withstand extreme low temperature (0 �C to �2 �C) during winter and high temperature (48 �C to 50 �C) in summers. The tree is a strong light demander.

Landscape Uses

It is well suited to be grown in sandy regions.