Tephrocactus Articulatus var. Inermis

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Weight:- 400 g

Pine Cone Cactus






Tephrocactus Articulatus is a succulent upright shrublet, up to 60 cm tall, 1.2 m spread. The 'inermis' form of this species is a nearly spineless form with no spines and without (or with very few) glochids on the new growth. These usually fall off as it ages.

It produces dull greyish-blue, greyish-brown to earth-tone coloured pine-cone-like globular to elongated stem segments 2 to 20 cm long, the segment are hardly tuberculate (except in drying) and generally grow longer and narrower than the standard  Tephrocactus Articulatus. The segments usually grow one or two new segments each year from the stem tips.

The flowers are bell-shaped, white with yellow center and up to 14 cm in diameter upto 2 inches long & 1.6 inches in diameter


A slow growing species, this plant needs regular watering during summers and should be kept dry during winters. A sun loving variety, it grows and glows better under full sun.

Landscape Uses

Usually these are outdoor plant, grass lands, landscapes.