Tillandsia Funckiana Air Plant

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Weight:- 400 g

Tillandsia Funckiana






This variety likes to be misted 1-3 times a week,. Once a week in the winter time and more often and frequently in the summer months. The Funckiana air plant enjoys very bright morning light, late afternoon sun, as well as indirect sunlight and plenty of air circulation.

Like with any air plant, after the bloom cycle is complete, make sure that you remove any dead leaves to allow new flowers to grow.

Soaks that last too long, trapped water in between its leaves - so after a soaking or a heavy misting, make sure you turn it upside down and shake the excess water free. You can leave the air plant upside down until it is fully dry before placing it back in its home.


The Tillandsia Funckiana is a wild and winding air plant. The needle-like leaves that wind up and down this plant resemble that of a pine tree, yet is very soft to the touch. Resembling that of an evergreen or a caterpillar, they also have a lovely muted light green colouring and a strong, woody base and stretch towards their light source. The lovely light colouring is the perfect accent to any setting or colour scheme. It will eventually develop lovely light blush pink tips as well. When in bloom, it will spike and flower, and will produce a beautiful and vibrant orange-red colouring. which is a rarer colour for air plants.

It is also a hardier plant, which is very good for novice plant owners.

Landscape Uses

Suitable for Container, Hanging Garden & Xeriscaping