Tillandsia 'Houstan'- Air Plant

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Tillandsia Houston 'Cotton Candy'






It prefers a loose, fir bark mix, such as an orchid mix or one specially labeled for bromeliads..

Weekly misting & occasional soak is required.


Tillandsia Houston is a hybrid cross of Tillandsia Stricta and Tillandsia Recurvifolia. This popular cross results in airplants that are an incredible combination of the best of both parents. It carries the rosette forming leafy growth of Tillandsia Stricta softened by the silvery colour from Tillandsia Recurvifolia.

Tillandsia Houston Cotton Candy produces flower from white to soft pink flowers from a wonderfully bright pink floral bract.It produces a pink flower in bloom.

Like most of the popular Bromeliad houseplants, once flowering is finished the flowering bract starts to die, followed by the main adult. With its energy exhausted it has once last trick which is to produce several offsets around its base - the next generation. These offsets or "pups" can be separated from the parent plant if desired and grown on to hopefully flower themselves one day, or you can leave them where they are.

Landscape Uses

Suitable for Container, Hanging Garden & Xeriscaping