Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plant

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Tillandsia ionantha




Central America and Mexico


It likes warmer, humid conditions but will do just fine in a dryer environment with regular misting do not allow water to collect in the leaf bases as this will cause the plants to rot. Good ventilation is a must Feed with dilute liquid fertilizer fortnightly.


Small airplant with stemless rosettes to 10cm in height, forming dense clumps where growing conditions are ideal.
Leaves are thick, narrowly triangular to 6cm in length, with silvery gray - white trichomes on the surface. Innermost leaves (nearest to the centre of the rosette) turning bright red when plants begin to flower. The change in color of the innermost leaves is thought to allow the plant to attract its bird pollinators more effectively. Flowers are tubular, to 4cm in length, protruding from centre of rosette. Stamens and pistil held above petals.
In its native habitat, this species is pollinated by hummingbirds. Locally, it is visited by sunbirds.

Landscape Uses

Ornamental plants which are great for attracting birds.