Tillandsia Paucifolia - Air Plant

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Tillandsia Paucifolia




Central America and Mexico


Tillandsia Paucifolia or Potbelly air plant, has pronounced trichomes giving it a fuzzy appearance, a bulbous base, and wonderfully animated leaf structures.

In its native habitat, this species is pollinated by hummingbirds. Locally, it is visited by sunbirds.


Easy to grow, these air plants prefer bright filtered light and moderate water. They do prefer warm humid coastal climates, as such they should be misted daily in dry areas. They grow singularly or in clumps in coastal strands and hammocks.

Do not allow water to collect in the leaf bases as this will cause the plants to rot. Soak the plant for around 30 min in water every week .

Good ventilation is a must. Feed with dilute liquid fertilizer fortnightly.

Landscape Uses

Ornamental plants which are great for attracting birds.