Tillandsia Pseudobaileyi Air Plant

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Tillandsia Pseudobaileyi




Central America


12 hour filtered light is perfect for this plant. Some direct sun is fine too, but not too much. In humid conditions mist every third day and in dry conditions mist daily. In any condition make sure the plant is completely dry before watering. Soak it in water for 10 minutes once every week but make sure the plant dries out within 3 hours. You can use a fan for the same. Fertilise once a month or twice a month after soaking.

Like all tillandsia, these plants will die after blooming. But, before they do they will produce "pups". These pups will match the parent plant and can be left to grow on the mount or can be broken off when mature and mounted somewhere else. If your air plant appears sick after blooming, it's NORMAL. DO NOT THROW IT OUT, but continue to care for it as you usually do. Watch for pups to emerge.


An unusual looking species with twisting and curving cylindrical leaves. Most of these are around 9-10 inches tall or more. . Plant of dry medium, it forms a pseudo bulb with long leaves glabrous, wavy and streaked 20 cm, blushing in the sun. The floral spike aborts often before flowering, but does not prevent rejections from appearing at the base. Tillandsia pseudobaileyi are easily cared for in just about any environment. They have fine but strong hair like roots that grow for the purpose of anchoring the plant to its mount - not for transmission of nutrients.

Landscape Uses

Suitable for Container, Hanging Garden & Xeriscaping