Tithonia - Mexican Sunflower (Mix bulbs)

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Weight:- 750 g

Golden Flower of the Incas




Colombia & Peru


Tithonia can be annuals, perennials or shrubs, with simple or lobed leaves and long-stemmed, solitary, daisy-like flower-heads in late summer and autumn.

Tithonia Rotundifolia is a large, branching annual with large, broadly ovate leaves and vivid orange, daisy-like flowers 8 cm across. In its native Mexico, it grows up to 6 ft or more, but in the garden it will only reach 2-4 ft. The plants are large, compact, and produce their single, dahlia-like flowers very freely.

The plant starts blooming 2 to 3 inches of beautiful flowers from late summer to fall season. It s characterized by flashy orange, yellow and red flowers showing off their bright hues. Its flowers resemble those of sunflower, however, the seeds are smaller.

Butterflies love to fly around and pollinate Mexican sunflowers. This makes it a good addition to a flower garden if you want it to be visited frequently by butterflies and hummingbirds.


Mexican sunflower plants is drought tolerant making it a great summer plant. It s love full sun, and doesn t like the cold weather. Plant Tithonias where they receive generous sun all throughout the day.


Tithonia diversifolia makes an invaluable, colorful addition to your garden beds and is easy to grow