Tradescantia Sillamontana 'White Velvet'

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Weight:- 400 g

White Velvet






Tradescantia sillamontana (White Velvet) is a very distinctive low growing evergreen perennial up to 18 inches (45 cm) tall with thick succulent stems holding up to 2 inches (5 cm) long leaves, arranged in two ranks with each 180 degrees across from the other to give a very interesting geometric pattern. The leaves are a dull olive to gray-green in color, sometimes blushed purple but the leaves and new stems are so heavily covered with cobwebby silver-white hairs that the plant appears quite silver. In summer appear the single magenta flowers with three petals that are crowded into the terminal leaf axils.


Tradescantia typically grow in moist, well-drained and acidic (pH 5 to 6) soil, though I have found the plants to be quite forgiving in the garden and tolerant of many soil conditions. Tradescantia plants do best in partial shade but will do equally well in sunny areas as long as the soil is kept moist. These plants like to be kept fairly moist, so water regularly, especially if you re growing them in containers. Cutting the plants back once flowering has ceased can often promote a second bloom and will help prevent re-seeding.

Landscape Use

Suitable for Container, Rock Garden & Xeriscaping