Lacy Tree Fern

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Weight:- 500 g

Cyathea cooperi




Southeast Asia, Australia, North and South America,


Cyathea cooperi is a tall and medium to fast growing fern. It is elegant straight , single & upright trunk tree fern with spreading 4m fronds creating a wonderful high canopy. The crown is widely spread and the lacy, pale green fronds,

Cyatheas are the tallest of the ferns and can create a microclimate for other ferns and moisture loving plants.The top of the trunk, crown and frond bases are covered with soft, blond scales. 'Lacy tree fern' is the species most commonly cultivated as an ornamental indoor plant.


Grows best in high humidity with moist soils, responding well to organic fertilisers and well-rotted animal manures.

The trunk and crown of tree ferns will not tolerate drying out, so water regularly to ensure the trunk remains damp, and spray the trunk with water during hot weather (and during dry conditions in winter).

After the first year of planting, apply a liquid feed o the fronds and trunk once a month, from mid-spring to mid-summer, when the plant is in growth. Alternatively, spread controlled-release fertiliser around the base of the plant in spring.

Tree ferns may be grown in containers too. Apply a half strength liquid fertiliser once a week during the growing season, or add a controlled-release granular fertiliser at the base of the plant in spring .Top-dress container-grown plants or pot on annually in spring. Avoid hot, dry, windy locations.

Landscape Use

Suitable as feature and shelter plants, grown singular or in a grove.