Umbrella Palm

Weight:- 500 g

Cyperus alternifolius






Umbrella plant is an interesting and beautiful plant which is easy to grow under wet or dry conditions. The leaves of the umbrella plant are narrow and flattened and only 6" to 10" long. All the leaves are arranged atop triangular stems. Small greenish flowers, which are inconspicuous, form an attractive umbrella-like head, grow at the center of the leaves.


The umbrella palms grow well in light shade to full sun. Because this plant is an aquatic species, it needs to have the roots as wet as possible. In fact, leaf tips become brown if the roots become even slightly dry. One way to achieve this is to put the potted plant inside another pot with water at the root level. Use a planting mix rich in peat to provide an acidic medium. A mix comprised of two parts peat, one part loam and one part sand provides a perfect housing for the aquatic roots. Fertilize the plant monthly during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer diluted to the strength recommended on the label.

Landscape Uses

Container plant, accent plant, rockery plant, water garden , terrarium.