Variegated Dwarf Screw Pine

Weight:- 500 g

Pandanus Sanderi




Australia, South Pacific


Sander Screw Pine is a evergreen shrub with golden-yellow central stripes, with margin finely spined,. A hardy plant, being both drought & salt tolerant , it has a spiralling growth habit

Grown for its ornamental spine free foliage, (foliage is often used in flower arrangements). This plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors

The white flowers on the male plant are small, fragrant, and are borne on long spikes. Female plants produce the exotic looking pineapple-like fruit.


The plant requires direct sunlight and a well drained soil. It requires a warm temperature.

Established plants should have plenty of water during the summer, but throughout the winter they should only be watered when the soil becomes fairly dry.

Landscape Use

The plant is grown for its ornamental foliage . ideal for pool side plantation