Variegated Ganges Primrose

Weight:- 400 g

Asystasia gangetica 'variegata'




East India


Asystasia gangetica 'variegata' is a perennial subshrub with ovate, mid-green, variegated leaves. The dark green leaves are plump ovals to heart-shaped and held in opposite pairs on the creeping or clambering stems. They are highlighted with yellow blotches and splattering. Anytime when temperatures are warm and soil moisture ample, funnel-shaped flowers appear, opening white or yellow and becoming flushed with purple tones as they age. The blossom has five flaring lobes and will attract long-tongued moths.

A butterfly attracter, in addition to the lovely, pale orchid-colored flowers this variegated form has the additional benefit of year-round foliage color.


Grow Variegated Ganges primrose in full to partial sun in average to nutrient poor waste soils.

Landscape Use

Groundcover, flowering, trailing accent in container plantings