Variegated Hibiscus Cooperi

Weight:- 750 g

'Red Hot' Variegated Hibiscus




Mascarene Islands


Hibiscus Cooperi has showy variegated foliage splashed with various combinations of white, pink and green, as well as a compact growth habit. The red flowers appear at the tips of the branches and are up to 10cm inches across. Pinching out tips of stems in spring and summer helps to increase flower production. The floral tube is outrageously long and is covered in yellow stamens. Their pollen and nectar rich flowers attract a host of pollinators including bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

This plant grows dense and large. The variegated leaves change colour with age, and when planted in more sun, often hold on to the red and pink colours better. Variegated Hibiscus will be showiest around other plants that are dark green or dark red with larger, bolder and non-variegated leaves.


Hibiscus is heat tolerant and prefers neutral to acidic, well-drained soil and full sun.

Being a fast growing plant, hibiscus prefer well drained rich soil and regular watering. Thoroughly water to moisten the entire root-ball each time you water. Allow the soil to become slightly dry between watering approximately to a depth of between 1/2" deep for small containers to 1" deep for large containers. Never keep the soil soggy. Avoid using a saucer or empty any excess water from it 30-40 minutes after watering.

Landscape Use

Ideal for container plant or mixed border..