Variegated Shell Ginger

Weight:- 650 g

Alpinia Zerumbet

Eastern Asia

Fragrant in all its parts, variegated shell ginger is a large, clump-forming, evergreen perennial native to tropical Asia. Pendulous clusters of waxy, pearly, pinkish white flowers with yellow interiors appear atop tall, strong, large-leaved stems in spring and summer. The leaves of the cultivar 'Variegata' are strikingly marked with yellow and green stripes and blotches. The stems die to the ground in the colder part of its hardiness range, but regrow from thick rhizomes in spring.


Variegated shell ginger needs a fertile, moist, sandy loam, in partial sun to partial shade. Too much sun or dry soil results in curling leaves or scrawny growth; deep shade results in a loss of yellow in the foliage.

Landscape Use

It makes an excellent contrasting accent plant around dark green or dark red foliaged plants. Its slightly smaller mature size allows it to work as a houseplant. Cut off entire stems and use as a dynamic cutflower filler.