Velvet-Leaf Tibouchina

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Weight:- 800 g

Tibouchina grandifolia






Velvet-Leaf Tibouchina four-angled stems of large-leaved princess flower support many large, quilted leaves of bright green that are covered with dense, light-reflecting hairs. The velvety, oval leaves reflect the subtle, changing colors of the sky, especially at dusk and dawn.

The branched floral stems rise above the foliage and become covered with many small electric violet-purple flowers with tiny white eyes.Flowers appear intermittently during the warm months, but they re at their peak in late summer and early autumn.


Grow large-leaved Tibouchina grandifolia in full sun to partial shade and sandy, fertile soils with a slightly acid pH. The woody stems are very brittle and break easily, so place plants in protected spots where they cannot be damaged by high wind and strong rainfall. If a stem does break, prune the branch back to a point just above the closest swollen "knob" on the stem, from which new growth will sprout. Cut back spent flower spike to keep plants looking attractive and encourage additional flowering.

Landscape Use

This pretty shrub is ideal for large containers or mixed borders.