Voodoo Lily (Bulbs)

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Weight:- 500 g

Amorphophallus Bulbifer






Amorphophallus bulbifer is one of the prettiest of the Voodoo Lilies and the inflorescence doesn't smell that bad compared to others of the genus. Amorphophallus only blooms when mature and even so it doesn't bloom every year.

Its pink spathe is very attractive and extremly exotic looking with a soft greenish exterior, mottled and marbled with pale pink and the spadix is large, swollen and a flesh-coloured whitish-pink. The much-branched umbrella-like compound foliage is held aloft on a single, very long speckled petiole to form a lush jungly-looking mini-canopy. This plant produces small round fruits which change color from green to pink


These are quite easy to grow. Amorphophallus will go dormant in the winter. Plant the tubers in pots at least 4" wider than the tuber. The depth for planting the tubers will depend on its size. Small tubers should be buried around 2"-3" deep. Large tubers around 6"-10".

Use a good quality potting mix. Make sure that the top of the plant is facing up. When dormant, don't give it too much water, let the soil dry out. Keep it dry for a couple of weeks and then water it again. Don't fertilize. Repeat this process until the tuber wakes up in the spring. At that time you can start watering regularly and fertilizing the plant.

Landscape Use

Voodoo Lilly is the ideal plant for the shade garden or for containers.