Wild Tulsi Honey

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Weight:- 330 g

Type: Monofloral
Flavour: Slightly strong with floral undertones
Colour: Light Yellow to Colourless
Nectar Source: Ocimum canum / Wild Tulsi
Harvesting Season: October - November
Region of Origin: Madhya Pradesh
Pairing: Herbal mixtures / Chai

Our Tulsi Honey comes from the forests of Madhya Pradesh. It is popular as a traditional remedy for cough & cold and as a natural energy booster and stress reliever.

A dark amber honey it brings to the nose the smell of caramel popcorn and apricot jam. In the mouth there is an evident taste of fennel and dried prunes. Pairs very well with Chai and ginger lemon water or drizzled over roasted makhanas