Yellow Mandevilla _Pentalinon luteum

Weight:- 800 g

Wild Allamanda




Tropical America


Yellow Mandevilla is a perennial vine-like shrub with yellow Allamanda like flowers. The flower color is almost neon yellow throughout. Its foliage is oval, simple (no lobes), glossy and yellowish-green. Sometimes, but rarely, the leaves may be matte with tiny hairs.

Grows as a vine-like shrub when it is young. The light yellow, trumpet-like blossoms appear on the tips of new growth and from side branches on the vine. Flowers bloom almost year-round, although the plant is not covered with flowers like the Allamanda.

Hummingbirds and butterflies will visit the blossoms.


Yellow Mandevilla grows well in average to poor, well-drained soils in full to partial sun. Provide ample moisture, especially from spring to late summer, to prevent leaf drop. It is also drought and salt tolerant.

Landscape Use

Yellow Mandevilla makes a wonderful, ever-blooming specimen plant. Grow it as a small vine upon a trellis or allow it to ramble in a mound in the mixed border or as a groundcover among shrubs and rocks.


All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested. Handling plant may cause skin irritation..