Notocactus Leninghausii - Yellow Tower Cactus

Weight:- 400 g

Notocactus Leninghausii






A globular or cylindrical cluster forming species, these are popular for their harmless long golden spines which cover the entire stem area. They produce silky yellow flowers after reaching maturation.


This species grows in hilly grassland and on walls between cracks in the rocks or in the shade of larger growing Cactus in deciduous forest. It grows in one of the most temperate region of the countries with warm and cool seasons and weather can become very cold during the winter nights. It likes deep pot with generous drain holes, needs a very airy potting medium very permeable to water which mainly consists of non organic material, slightly acid, pH-value between 4-6. Re-pot every two years.

Landscape Uses

Makes an attractive landscape plant and grasslands or pampas, on plains and walls It is an excellent plant for container growing. It always looks good and stays small.