Yucca gloriosa

Weight:- 1500 g

Spanish Dagger


South Eastern United States




Yucca gloriosa is an evergreen shrub. The plant is known to grow to heights above 5 m, usually with several stems arising from the base. The long narrow leaves are straight and very stiff, growing to 30-50 cm long and 2-3.5 cm wide. They are dark green with entire margins, smooth, rarely finely denticulate, acuminate, with a sharp brown terminal spine. Inflorescence is a panicle up to 8 ft long, of bell-shaped white flowers, sometimes tinged purple or red. Fruit is a leathery, elongate berry up to 8 cm long.


The plant is widely cultivated in warm temperate and subtropical climates, the plant has average water requirements, and little maintenance is needed other than the removal of dead leaves when the shrub nears its ultimate height. The plant is very hardy and can handle occasional snow and freezing temperatures.

Landscape Uses

Flower borders and beds